Our Prologue

Miracle started out in 2011 as a home and office water delivery service, initially only selling 19 litres return bottles (RB). Miracle has strived to make a tradition of delivering quality products, working with integrity and diligence and today, through its hard work and great customer service, is making itself known as a key corporate and household name.

We take pride in going the extra mile to provide clean, refreshing and great-tasting bottled water. We draw water directly from our own well deep in the ground, which is first pre-filtered through the layers of soil, and then goes through an extensive process under strict guidelines to ensure premium taste, cleanliness and purity.

Every new day is seen as an opportunity to excel, to better our services and to drive home to our customers that we provide nothing short of excellence. Miracle is a private bottled mineral water company in Karachi, Pakistan. In this very competitive business landscape; Miracle strives to put quality and integrity first, providing mineral water in line with international standards.

Through market research, consumer feedback and product innovation, Miracle has evolved into offering a full service private limited bottling water company. Catering to grocery stores, club stores, convenience, wholesale customers, corporate and household clients, Miracle is consistent in its strategy to provide a winning value proposition of unmatched quality, reasonable prices and outstanding service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually implement innovation in our process to deliver a unique and holistic product. We believe the key to success is quality and customer satisfaction, and our corporate tradition of high quality, value priced bottled water will never change.

Our Vision

Miracle Products Pvt Ltd commenced in 2011. Initiated with a vision to produce the highest quality drinking water, and other FMCG products .